inLab MCX5 and inEos X5 Now at Pro-Ceram Dental Laboratory.

Pro-Ceram introduces their new inLab MCX5 Disc Milling Unit and inEos X5 Scanner from Sirona. Set-up and training has begun as of March 20, 2015 on this newest state of the art technology for dental labs. The new technology offers five axes; two rotational axes and three transitional axes along with complex retention, undercuts and complex geometrics to include long span bridges, bar models and surgical guides allowing Pro-Ceram to elevate their product and deliver consistent work and better performance products.

The new milling unit accepts a wide range of material discs and blocks that include; zirconium, PMMA, composite, wax, the ability to grind glass ceramics and hybrid ceramics. Pro-Ceram will have the ability to mill wet, dry or a combination of wet/dry. 

                                               What does this means for our Dentists?                                                                            

This new milling unity will allow Pro-Ceram to produce a broad range of dental cases from bars, bridges, full crowns, inlays, frame, abutments, veneers, and multilayer bridges and wax models with an outstanding level of accuracy. This technology will allow Pro-Ceram to handle greater diagnostics and clearer communications resulting in better clinical outcomes. This means less chair tine for our Dentist clients and better dentist/customer satisfaction.

Coming Shortly….our Dentists will be able to upload electronic files of intra-oral scans from any open architecture including Cerec. The new unit harmonizes the CAD/CAM system resulting in fewer errors from scan to final product. To the Dentist this means there will be no need for traditional impressions; no time lost shipping thereby resulting in better turnaround time.

Another Level of Excellence

With the new scanner and milling machine Pro-Ceram is positioning themselves to be a leader in dental materials and processing of crowns and bridges.


Look for our OPEN HOUSE where we will show case our newest scanner and milling machine.

  • The new milling machine in action.
  • The new inLab MCX5.
  • The new inEos X5
  • Scanner monitor